About us

Cornell’s Meta Design & Technology Lab investigates theoretical and empirical aspects of design-mediated affective experiences and well-being. We look into how products, including services and systems, can be purposefully designed to enrich users’ momentary as well as long-term experiences. The lab’s research agenda revolves around experience-driven design with a focus on emotions in human-product interactions, design-mediated behavior change and psychological well-being, and development of design tools and techniques that support designers in designing for them.

Our research and education themes include, but are not limited to:
Experience-driven design, design for emotion and subjective well-being, design for behavior change, empirical studies into the product development process, methods and tools for early design stages, product service systems, research methodology, to name a few.

Our research and education activities have been generously supported by National Research Foundation of Korea, Samsung Electronics, Clay, Engaged Cornell Fellowship, and Cornell’s translational research and outreach fund.