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Openings for research collaboration (Cornell students and researchers)

Cornell students and researchers (e.g., post-doc and visiting researchers) who are interested in collaborating with the members of Meta Design & Technology Lab can participate in a project. The project can be either part of the lab’s current research agenda or be newly formulated and proposed. Either way, we will be delighted to have a conversation to explore opportunities.

Students can receive credits for the independent study of Design and Environmental Analysis, through which they will get to know the lab members and develop design and research skills. The project can be a research project, a design project, or a combination of both. Activities involved in the project may vary depending on the nature of the project and research interest, e.g., collecting, processing, analyzing data and publishing the resulting outcomes.

If interested, please send your curriculum vitae, a description of your research interest, and portfolio (design students only) to Jay Yoon—jy846[at]

In your description, please indicate provisional schedule (i.e., start and end date). If you have your own project idea, you may include a title of the project and a project brief that outlines its background, objective, methodology and expected outcomes.

We will contact you to organize a meeting once we have received and reviewed the project proposal. Let’s collaborate!